• When and where do you operate?

Pagatang Courier Services operates the whole province of Ilocos Sur. We operate from 7:00am to 8:00pm daily.

  • How much is your delivery fee?

Our delivery fee starts at P39.00 and increases by P10.00 per additional kilometer.  Cheapest rate in Ilocos Sur so far. The dynamic delivery fee is due to the availability of intercity orders, meaning customers can get their favourites no matter how far.

  • Who pays for the delivery fee?

Customers pay for the delivery fee. Free delivery vouchers can be redeemed in-app and via the website.

  • How much is Pagatang Courier Services?

We are offering our partners at 5% Service fee for every transaction, that will be billed to our partners bi-monthly.

  • What are your payment methods?

We only have cash on delivery at the moment and all payments are made straight to the store. Our team is working on adding more payment methods for cashless transactions.

  • Can I choose what to sell on the app?

Yes, but we recommend that you include your full store menu in the app. We also recommend that you read through our list of foods that shouldn’t be offered through the app/website.

  • What cannot be sold on the app?

Depending on availability of proper packaging, we encourage not to sell the following to avoid compromising the quality of food.
1.) Soft-serve items not in cups with lid or cover
2.) Ramen with no packaging suitable for noodles and soups
3.) Food that is not cooked yet (raw)

  • How can we change our Menu and Store Hours?

You can change your menu and store hours using the merchant control panel provided by Pagatang Courier Services.You may also talk to our Merchant Support representatives via the in-app live chat. 

  • Help! I have other concerns.

You can drop us an email at pagatang.service@gmail.com